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Culebra, Puerto Rico
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Tours and Instruction
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Excursions and Classes
On our boat, Mariel, we have the independence to take you to the most remote locations or reefs for scuba diving. And although we could take more scuba divers, we take only SMALL groups, so we can provide you with the maximum comfort and personal attention on every trip.

We depart every morning at 10:30 am from the marina. Usually we are done diving around 3:30 pm, but we are not in a hurry! We do believe in “Island Time”! Our bottom times are only limited by your air consumption and the dive tables or your dive computer. 

Scuba Diving Courses and Education:
This is the course that will make you a certified diver for the rest of your life! Certification obtained with this course does not expire and is internationally recognized worldwide.


  • four days of diving in different sites while training (the depths will be dictated by the course standards)
  • certification fees and course materials                                                                     four half days of classes, unless you decide to do eLearning . 
  • scuba equipment, including basic equipment (fins, mask and snorkel).

Price $ 500 USD per person.  ($ 375 USD per person if you have completed an eLearning) course with PADI.
Designed for people who have never scuba dived before. A must-do in Culebra! This is an introductory course that takes half a day. Easy and safe. No certification involved.


  • a 45 min. class and a scuba dive to 40 feet maximum.
  • a boat trip to the reef and two tank dives.
  • one instructor for every four participants.
  • all the scuba equipment, including mask, fins and snorkel, and a wetsuit if - you get chilly.

Price $ 135 USD per person.
Subsequent days of diving $ 80 USD person.

This dive counts money wise and time wise for the full certification course. You want to get certified after the resort? Just pay the balance and continue!

Many ask if certain certain medical conditions disqualify you from diving? Only very few.  So long as you are in good cardiovascular and respiratory health, and not on any drugs that might cause complications under water, getting a physician’s approval to dive is generally easy.  And, if you can honestly answer "No" to all of the questions on the Medical History form, you won’t even have to get your doctor’s okay.

We do have an additional requirement.
This is a wise thing to do if you have been out of the water and away from scuba for a year or more. It is a half day that includes a review of the theory and the most useful skills like buoyancy check, sharing air, mask clearing, etc. This course updates your certification card!


  • two tank dive by boat.
  • all scuba equipment, including the basic (fins, mask and snorkel).

Price $ 110 USD per person.

You did all your classroom work and exams during the cold winter at home and all your confined water practice in a swimming pool. And now you want to go to the warm, crystal clear waters of Culebra to finish your training? Welcome! We are waiting for you!

Make sure you bring your referral paperwork, a recent, signed medical form (if necessary) from your original dive shop or instructor and your log book signed by them and we will help you finish your training in the warm waters of this tropical island. We offer certification through PADI.


  • certification fees.
  • scuba equipment, including the basic (fins, mask and snorkel).
  • two days of two tank dives by boat to different reefs (depths will be dictated by the standards of the course).

Price $ 250 USD per person.

You want to upgrade your scuba skills to the next level in a fun and interesting way. Fantastic! This is the way, enjoy as you progress in being a better scuba diver. Get introduced to five different specialties and experience other abilities.


  • certification fees.
  • course materials.
  • two days of two tank dives by boat.
  • scuba equipment, including the basic (fins, mask and snorkel).

Price $ 250 USD per person.

Feeling the need to help is normal, but not good enough. Having the ability and the training to help is what you accomplish with this course...and you never know when you will need it. This is a must for serious scuba divers that love the sport and the friends that share their passion.


  • certification fees and course materials.
  • 3 days two tank dives.

Price $ 350 USD per person.

Now you have more than 60 dives of experience plus you already are a certified rescue diver and your medic first aid certification is current. You are ready to enter the professional fields in scuba diving! This is a very challenging and rewarding level of certification. It will qualify you to guide and supervise certified divers if so you choose and teach some courses as well as assist certified instructors with students.


  • course materials.
  • seven two or more tank dives a day.

Price is $ 850 USD per person.

Don't see what you are looking for, just contact us us for further infomration...

What’s included and cost:

  • Two-tank dive trip $ 110 USD per diver.
  • Tanks and weights are included on every trip.
  • Rentals: BCD, REGULATOR, FINS, MASK, SNORKEL, WET SUIT – No additional charge!!!! We are not kidding!
  • Complementary lunch.

Night dives are also available upon request for an additional fee ($ 60, one tank dive). We require a minimum of FOUR (4) divers for a night dive.


Don’t worry if you don’t dive, you’ll still have a blast snorkeling the beautiful reefs of Culebra. Or just come for the ride and enjoy the vistas. We can often accommodate both snorkelers and divers of varying experience on the same excursions. We’ll bring you to at least two different reef systems to explore during the day. 

What’s included and cost:

  • Price is $ 60 USD per snorkeler, includes MASK, FINS, SNORKEL...and lunch!
  • Price is $ 20 USD per ride along, includes lunch.

Diving and Snorkeling Excursions
Aquatic Adventures brings you over thirty years of combined experience in the scuba industry; teaching students and certifying and hundreds of happy divers all over the planet.

Our instructors will introduce you to scuba diving with an introductory course and if so you choose, certify and guide you to Open Water diver, Advanced, Rescue diver and Dive Master.

Teaching is our passion and we realize that well trained divers, have little or no impact to the fragile ecosystems of the reefs. CRITICAL TO ALL OF US!

We offer you the certification course using the clear, warm Caribbean Culebra waters as your classroom. This gives us access to all the reefs that Culebra has to offer, which means you will learn and visit the reefs at the same time. BIG DIFFERENCE! So come and get certified with us. Teaching scuba divers is our specialty.

Aqautic Adventures offers courses through PADI and honors the Universal Referral Program (URP).  


Ok, here it is...

To reserve your spot(s) call 515-290-2310. We will take a credit card number and a $50 deposit per person (per day) in advance. 

If we are unable to provide the service (unsafe conditions or boat failure), you will receive a full 100% refund. 

If you cannot receive the service because YOU do not show up or arrive late (problem with transportation...ferry, flight), the "Don Q Flu" (i.e. hangover, etc.) or if you cancel the same day (less than 24 hours), you will forfeit your $50 deposit.

Our excursions depart the dock promptly at 10:30AM.  If you are going to be late please do us and other customers the courtesy of notifying us. 

If you cancel more than 24 hours before your excursion nothing will be charged.

Pretty simple.

So, we do take a credit card number to hold your reservations, BUT payment in CASH, (aka..."buck", "cabbage", "clam", "dough", "shillings", "frogskins", "greenbacks","bones", "coin", "moola/moolah", "scratch", "shrapnel" ) is required at the time of service.

Reservations or Questions? 
Call Ann at 515-290-2310.